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Knit / Crochet - along

New project!

(Date TBD)


It has been suggested by one of our members that we do a "brown-bag" knit-along project. The idea is that everyone who wants to participate puts in a suggestion for a particular knitting stitch pattern, which will then be randomly combined to create a fun, funky shawl pattern. 

(Don't worry - all of the tricky math and alteration work will be done for you - - once we get all of the suggestions, we'll figure out how to fit them in together without the stitch count going haywire or anything.)

So, if you want to join in, all you have to do is pick out a stitch pattern that you like and send it in. Patterns can be turned in at guild meetings, Saturday socials, by email at, or online on the Contact page. (Please include "knit-along" in the subject line of any email submissions). 


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