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Guild Meeting October 2022

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm, on Monday October 10, 2022. 

 Pat Introduced the officers.

 - President: Pat McConnell

     - Vice President: Becky Chirhart

     - Treasurer: Lana -Lee Biely

     - Secretary: Jean Pritchard 

     - Resourse: Gary Allen

     - Membership: Ann Krieg

Pat will not be able to attend the meetings until January. Becky will take her place until then. The officers present introduced themselves.

Treasurer Report

Treasurer report was read by Lana-Lee B

Secretary Notes

Secretary: Notes were unanimously accepted as published in newsletter.

Auden has worked on the new web site She will work on the Facebook page next.

Becky will work with Auden and Jean to publish the Newsletter each month. They will also work on making the calendar more readable.

Andrea mentioned the "My Local Wool" web site. Several members showed an interest in investigating



No update on Equipment

Old Business

The officer Reports covered Old Business

New Business

The meetings for the next year were discussed.


November: Chuck Spann will talk about the care and maintenance of spinning wheels. A Raffle was discussed to raise money for the Heifer project. Gary has a Luette spinning wheel and chair to offer as a prize. Details will be discussed at the next Officer's meeting.


December: Holiday Bash. Members will bring a dish to pass. They also may choose to bring a gift to pass valued at about $10 or less. They can also bring a handmade gift or fiber. Note this is optional.


January: ?


February: "Fabulous Fiber February" Bring what you have at home. Some will bring enough to share while others will bring samples. Echoes of the Past Trade Fair will be discussed. The Wolf River Art League show also takes place that weekend.


March 13: Pop Up activity. to be determined at a later date.


April Camp Sinawa Planning. Neda presented the dates available and April 28-30 was chosen. A motion was made and passed unanimously to reserve this date.Neda will reserve the date and report back. Any financial support from guild funds will be discussed. The group cabin is $400 per night. So 2 nights will be $800. If any members want to come early or stay longer the individual cabin rates are a s follows:

2 person - $50

4 person - $60

6 person - $75

10 person - $100

These will need to be reserved seperately. Contact member is Neda.


The rest of the calendar was tabled.

Meeting Close

The meeting adjourned at 8:50PM.

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